Saffron Sunset at Strange Town

Far from the capital’s bustling crowd,at a small town tried to find serenity. Despite the unskilful shot,I experienced an unparalleled beauty,a scene so soothing that it dazzled my eyes. How luminous and radiant the Sun appeared to be!! Comparing to which, I was so dull down on earth making a pointless attempt to capture the Sunset.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,tale of two friends,tale of tragedy

Storyline: Eight years old Bruno lives in Berlin. His father is a high ranked Nazi soldier who gets promoted and transferred to countryside in occupied Poland. Bruno along with his family is now relocated to a completely new place where he is left alone with no friends to play with. At this new place,he finds it difficult to adjust,thus becoming lonely and bored.

Bruno’s father is mainly here to oversee a concentration camp right behind their new home. Bruno being unware of what lies beyond the backyard,one day crosses the perimeter and finds the concentration camp. He thought it might be a farm. There he meets a boy of his age named Shmuel who wears a strange Pajama,whose head is shaven. Bruno befriends Shmuel. From now on,Bruno comes regularly to see Shmuel,to play boardgames together.But they get to see each other through a barbed wire,while Shmuel is the one to be inside the fence and Bruno the opposite.

He and his sister Gratel has a home tutor,Mr. Listz,who spreads notorious ideas like antisemitism and Nazi Propaganda. As his sister’s infatuation grows for Lieutenant Kotler (a Nazy officer under her father’s command),she turns into a Nazi sympathizer.

On the other hand,Bruno’s mom is appalled and insists to leave when she discovers his Husband’s actual business here.

Finally the story leads to tragedy when Bruno is found missing from home.Bruno’s family starts searching for him and a dog leads to a track to the camp where Bruno has previously entered with Shmuel.

Why is Bruno in stripped pajamas? What is he and Shmuel doing inside the concentration camp?And Where’s that black smoke coming from? From a Gas chamber?

Opinion: This movie shows us the horrific image of Nazi Holocaust during World War II. One will both be shocked and touched ath the end. This movie can be a great example of how true friendship overpowers the harshness of war,how child’s innocence overshadows all the bad schoolings,thus showcasing moral values above everything.

Dimming late-afternoon at countryside

Remembering the time right after my Secondary School exam,when I had an age long vacation,right when I felt I had all the times on earth. At such late-afternoon to comfort my laziness, I made an attempt to capture a particular moment.

With my novice skils,I might have failed to take a good shot but I did witness the fading glow of a late-afternoon, a cockleboat anchor cast in low water waiting for the rain to pour the canal upto it’s mouth, so that it can be rowed once again.

What was I waiting for, all alone at a countryside??

‘Bella Ciao’ or ‘Goodbye Beautiful’,a hymn of freedom and resistance

I remember those days when I’d just finished watching the first two seasons of a Netflix series ‘Money Heist’ and a song that kept revolving around my brain,making me thrill every now and then was ‘Bella Ciao’. I listened to that particular song over and over. And when I came to read the English translated lyrics of the very song ‘Bella Ciao’,I could sense a glorious backdrop behind it, based on what the song was composed.

From the end of 19th century to the mid of 20th,there used to be a working class of women known as ‘Mondinas’. They were mainly a group of seasonal workers at Northern Italy’s Po Valley. During the flooding period,they worked at Monda (the rice fields in northern Italy). The task of Monda was extremely tiring and the working hours were so long, wages too low. That led them to dissatisfaction and finally to resistance at early 19th chentury. The very first version of Bella ciao or the ‘Mondina version’ was composed back then,to glorify the struggle of Mondina workers,thus protesting for their rights against the supervising class.

The second or the ‘Partisan Version’ of Bella Ciao was composed during the time of 1943-45,with a modified lyrics. Bella Ciao was then proved to be an inspiration for the partisans who took part in the anti-fascist resistance,against the Nazi occupation in Italy.Since then,this song has been a hymn of freedom and resistance against autocracy,fascism,dictatorship and tyranny. Even in the show, ‘Money Heist’, the Professor (the lead character who engineered every single plan of a heist in the series) was seen singing the song along with his brother ‘Berlin’,whose grandfather had also been a partisan of that anti-fascist movement in Italy and who himself had taught Professor ‘Bella Ciao’.

Professor and Berlin singing ‘Bella Ciao’

Bella Ciao has been translated into around 50 languages so far. But the spirit remains the same. A Brazilian extreme right wing politician,also a presidential candidate,faced a huge protest,known as the #EleNao movement,inspired by the song Bella Ciao. In 2019,Columbians modified the song to ‘Duque Chao’,as a protest against President Duque who systematically violated the constitution,committing crime against humanity. At the same year,a Punjabi version named ‘Wapas Jao’ was composed in India to support the protesting Indian farmers against the Centre’s Farm Laws.

Folk songs are a predominant part of a certain tradition and culture. Songs of this genre are mostly limited within a single community. Nevertheless,Bella Ciao,being an Italian folk song has overlapped the boundary of it’s origin and reached worldwide,lifting it’s spirit and promoting the rise of consciousness among the oppressed,thus creating an anti-totalitarian sentiment,resulting in protest and uprising. In fact,the song’s appeal is not only confined in the very consciousness it comprises of,but also it’s musical composition which is so excellent that it has gained the song enormous popularity.

So,there is no denying the fact that,’Bella Ciao’ indeed is a perfect hymn of freedom and resistance.

To The Crushes Who Never Loved Me Back

There was a time when I used to be a genuine introvert.I could barely make eye contact with random people,let alone girls. But at my teenage days,my heart did shake more or less sometimes. For instance,I was walking down a street when suddenly a girl with mesmerising eyes appeared at the scene, she caught my sight,her unfurled hair kept waving like a flag,I fell for her,my heart began to melt and so on. Is this how you people describe a crush? I don’t know. But for me,that’s what it is.

Since my Primary school life till now,I have had multiple crushes. Some of them have raised deadly storms at the valley of my heart over the years. Even though I came close to some of them,I wasn’t brave enough to confess my feelings .I couldn’t say,”I have a crush on you.” How does it sound? Weird? You might be wondering being introvert sucks. But I’m a guy who kinda lives in fantasy. And in fantasy,I’ve been to many unknown places,many undiscovered lands,with someone I liked,who and I spent thousands of sleepless nights under the shimmering stars,in a sandy beach.

Actually,my being introvert cost me in real but it somehow freed me in fantasy. At least,I was able to escape. But their eyes called me back again and again,didn’t let me go.So I couldn’t fully get lost.

Perhaps at these nights,I stay awake,trying to remember those goddesses who knew nothing of my heart and for that never loved me back.

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